When To Get Your Child Into Music

I am asked on a regular basis when it is a good time to get my child started into music?  We have all heard of famous musicians like Mozart being a child prodigy and with the internet, more and more are popping up.  Well it all depends on your child and how willing they are to learn.  If there is no desire from the child to learn an instrument, there will be resentment.  The child will be unwilling to learn and it almost seems like a waste of time.  This is when it is a good idea to let the child wait to get a little older to start playing an instrument.

Music Instruments and Letting Your Child Decide

Children Learning InstrumentsMost parents have an idea in their head of what they want their child to learn and become.  Sometimes the child is on the same page while other times they are not.  Parents approach me and tell me that they want their child to learn the piano.  After hearing what the child says, they usually want to play a drum set.  Most parents do not want their children playing the drum set for many reasons.  I am sure you can only imagine.  If the child and the parent are on the same page though, results are usually astonishing.  The child is usually engaged and ready to learn.

The best advice I give any parent wanting to start their child is to sit down with them.  Ask your child what he/she would be interested in learning how to play.  There may even be instruments that your child never knew existed before you have the conversation.  I have two children of my own and I took them to the music store to look around.  My youngest one went over to the brass section and fell in love the with trumpet.  Ever since then, he has been taking lessons and is absolutely amazing at the trumpet.  My oldest never found and instrument that they really wanted to play and that is fine as well.

Listening to Your Child

Most parents skip the step of sitting down the child to hear what they have to say and move right to selecting the instrument.  The best advice I have is to not force anything on your child when it comes to inspiring them to learn and instrument.  I have never seen a happy student that was forced to play a specific instrument.  This all should be a fun process and like my oldest, your child may never want to play an instrument.  My oldest is in sports and absolutely loves playing soccer.

If you are still waiting for your child to be inspired by the right instrument, take them out to hear a band or symphony.  There are so many different instruments and sounds that one is bound to spark intrigue.  If you want any feedback, please reach out to me for any advice.  In the mean time, don’t be too hard on your child.

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